Report filed by Maria Gwira, photos by McCJames Akwensivie and Sarah Asare-Dompreh, Directorate of Public Affairs, UHAS.

About 50 deans, directors and HODs of UHAS embarked on a three-day retreat at the invitation of their new Vice Chancellor. The purpose of the gathering was to rally UHAS leaders around the VC's eight-point vision, which she articulated during her investiture, and to seek their input on strategies to implement that vision. The retreat was held at Aqua Safari Resort in Ada from September 15 through 17.

Setting the scene for the gathering, the Registrar, Ms. Yaa Amankwaa Opuni told them that the purpose of the retreat was to seek their input to better position them to partner with the VC in achieving the objectives of her vision. She therefore urged all to bring the best of their professional faculties to the engagement.


Vice Chancellor Professor Lydia Aziato charged the assembled leadership to “own your position” as a dean, as a director, or HOD, to do whatever it takes to move the different Schools, Institutes and Directorates toward achieving the core objectives of the university.

The VC tasked specific individuals to present overviews on various topics to buttress her vision. On day one, the participants tackled topics such as: Teaching and Learning Realities; Vocational Training, Sandwich, and Access Realities; Fundraising Opportunities and Strategies; Rejuvenating Research Culture at UHAS; and Innovations/Technology in Healthcare Delivery. On Day Two, they looked at Higher Education Leadership in the post-COVID era.


Participants then formed eight groups to flesh out these thematic areas and make plenary presentations, after which they assembled in their various schools, institutes or directorates to brainstorm on strategies to implement these on a micro level.

Participants’ reactions to the retreat were very positive. The general sentiment expressed was appreciation for the VC’s inclusive approach and one of hope for the future of UHAS under the new administration.